What's at Stake, and Why it's Important:

  • On-the-job “Cultural Competency” trainings increase racial tension and hurt employees.
  • Diversity doesn’t mean diversity: The goal of the radical left is to reconsolidate power into the hands of the ideologically pure.
  • Clever people are getting rich by sewing division.
  • The unwoke who think differently or dare to question the radical left are punished for speaking out.
  • We’re on the brink of a civil war, it’s my mission to help turn this country in a different direction.
  • Free speech is the antidote to violence.
  • I will provide exclusive perspectives, and material guides to how to talk back to tyrants.
  • This is your blog. Together we will fight to promote diversity of thought and freedom of speech.

Check this Out:

Robin D’Angelo has made a living traveling to workplaces around the country, telling employees they are racist, simply for being white. When they react with anger, she tells them their reactions are perfectly normalfor a bunch of racists.

She wrote a bestselling book about it, called White Fragility.

One of the chapters is called White Women’s Tears.

D'Angelo isn't alone.

There’s a booming industry called Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), or Cultural Competency, made of rogue consultants who seek to cash in on white guilt.

An employer can risk his reputation, and bottom line, if he fails to subject his staff to the intimidation, indoctrination, and gaslighting that’s at the core of these classroom sessions.

Diversity doesn’t mean diversity

D&I trainings are nothing more than political propaganda designed to divide people up, silence the opposition, and push a Marxist agenda that discounts merit, and promotes conformity of thought.

Employees who dare to express divergent perspectives are punished.

They are humiliated, and they lose their jobs.

These trainings are just one arm of the movement to tear down Western Civilization and reconsolidate power in the hands of the few who are clever enough to remain in the Inner Circle.

Until that objective is achieved, there’s a lot of money to be made.

Social and corporate media, the government, and terror groups on and off campus have pushed to disrupt and upend society in the name of social justice.

Conflicting ideologies now pit people against each other, straining even the closest of friendships and family bonds. Politicians have fanned the flames and now most voters think we’re close to a civil war.

To be clear: there’s nothing civil about a civil war.

The key to preventing violence is freedom of speech.

That’s what this blog is about

I will share with you the tools to speak up, talk back, and dismantle the traps set by tyrants who can only win by silencing your voice.

I’ll comment on the news, and provide unique analysis you won’t hear anywhere else. In that, I’ll be joining the crusading media, to equip you with vital information, and alternate ways of talking about the stories.

Beyond news and comment, I’ll provide material guides to how to talk back. I believe that Western Civilization has a bright future. But it must be fought for, conversation by conversation.

This is your blog. Reach out to me anytime. I’ll make it my mission to connect you with the insight, information and resources you need to get through whatever battle you’re fighting, and to clear the path for you to speak truth to power.

This is how to talk back.

About me, the blogger

My name is Will Sherman. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've appeared in the Washington Post, Wiener Zeitung, and as a panelist on local Spanish language radio.

Over the past several years I have, as an employee and a citizen, seen the creeping influence of diversity, inclusion, and equity used by management to attack employees.I've seen from a distance and from up close how hardcore leftism is creeping into nearly every major American institution, from big tech to local government, from the news and entertainment media to community churches and meditation centers.

I look forward to sharing personal stories that illustrate how insipid and dehumanizing radical belief can be, and how dangerous it is when it latches onto people and institutions unnopposed. While San Francisco has succumbed to ideological rigor mortis, the rest of the country, and the civilized world, is not far behind. If you've been personally affected by this political tyranny, join me. If you're concerned about what's happening, or want to learn more, join us. This is a growing community of people who are fighting back by talking back.