The White Minstrels

November 24, 2019

  • Mainstream entertainment relegates straight white men to positions of mockery, but for the left it’s not enough
  • Question of the Day: is the highly political Tina Fey gaslighting moderates?

Geisha Costume

Wa wa 😭

I finally watched some of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix and there’s not one straight white male who is even marginally sympathetic cast anywhere near to a leading role.


Still, “dammit”, it’s a good show.

I liked 30 Rock beause of the absurd humor, and Tina Fey brings that same wit to this series, this time with Ellie Kemper in the lead. In 2007 Ms. Kemper promised to flatten out my blowjob.

In TUKS, the story begins with Kimmy being freed from an underground bunker where she was held captive for 15 years. Hilarity ensues.

The sitcom combines all the necessary elements for fun: time travel, unspeakable trauma, and small town girl trying to make it in New York.

The central characters are intersectional—Kimmy’s roommate is gay and black, her landlady white and woke, and even her rich employer is a Native American woman passing as a white socialite. Their personalities are flawed but complex, and mostly funny.

Then come the straight white men. None ascends beyond an auxiliary role and all are 100% foul. One of the bigger roles is Reverend, played by Jon Hamm, who abducted Kimmy. There’s also a vengeful suitor who reports Kimmy’s other suitor to immigration, and a Sheriff from back home so clueless that he let Kimmy languish underground for most of her life.

Like any slapstick production, some roles must be one-dimensional.

What doesn’t make sense is why these seem to be the only roles available to characters who are straight, white, and male.

Call me crazy, but the segregation seems deliberate

Ok I’ll say it. It’s white bashing.

I’ve always been sensitive to racial bias and segregation. Decades ago I was calling out Jurassic Park 2 for being cringy at best when they portrayed a Hispanic man as a complete doofus for dropping the ball and letting the dinosaurs attack.

(My older brother dismissed my critique at the time, but he was angry because I had seen the film before and waited till one of the most startling moments to grab him and scream in his ear).

I don’t know if the makers of Jurassic Park 2 intended to lampoon a Hispanic in that way. Was I overreacting then?

Am I overreacting now?

It’s obvious what’s going on in TUKS. Every casting decision is screened for intersectionality. The dialogue itself is replete with racial slurs against whites. It would be impossible for any identity-based casting decision not to be deliberate, because the obsession with identity is endemic to the industry.

Season 2 Episode 3 does include a little scene pushing back against some of the radical left’s more hardcore demands, like forbidding “cultural appropriation.” The gay black character is allowed to perform a geisha dance on stage and one of the woke warriors who tries to cancel him experiences a conversion to reasonableness.

This triggered a predictable huff-puff, to put it mildly, from the left.

But would Tina let a straight white male character appropriate a geisha?

Why is it more okay for a gay black guy to do it?

They say she was poking fun at her leftist critics. I’m not so sure. Maybe it was just defensive posturing against the moderate-to-right leaning folk, as much of Middle America watches Netflix. While there’s hard left ideology implicit in her casting decisions and much of the dialogue, Tina wants to show that really, guys she’s mainstream and has nothing to do with the radical social justice warrior snowflakes, who are to be scoffed at.

Question of the day:
By pretending to be moderate, is Tina Fey gaslighting the mainstream viewers of her show?

Answer in the comment section below:

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