The Identity of the Actual Racist May Surprise You

November 25, 2019

  • The Mayor of San Francisco participated in a racial hoax and the media backed her up
  • In its obsession with victimology, the left implies that blacks are weaker than whites, forwarding a white supremacist subtext that helps Democrats stay in power
  • Question of the Day: Explain how the poster is racist

Controversial Billboard

San Francisco’s political leadership is a hard left mono-culture in which Mayor London Breed, an intersectional race baiter, is actually considered moderate.

Breed sailed to victory in her reelection bid this month, almost unopposed save for a pesky, Trumpy instigator whose tacky billboard made national headlines.

Seizing the opportunity for martyrdom, Breed became, yet again, a victim of racism:

A group of elected San Francisco leaders rallied Monday to protest a billboard they say is racist and unfairly attacks Mayor London Breed.

Nothing stirs my heart more than elected leaders rallying.

Who’s the juggernaut they were up against? Turns out it was Ellen Zhou, a tiny Asian social worker with conservative views, whose quixotic run for mayor was dead on arrival.

But to protect the city from this menace, the elected leaders fought back, arranging a press availability in front of the billboard.

So brave.

The elected leaders, those scrappy rebels, got Zhou’s campaign ad removed by the billboard company, because nothing says “freedom” quite like a public-private partnership to muzzle any hint of political opposition.

Our valient men and women in uniform, by which I mean the local and national press, spoke truth to power and sided with elected leaders. Every single outlet insisted, really, guys, the billboard was racist!

What, exactly, was racist about it?

SFist called it "pretty obviously racist," so there you go.

The blogger explained:

Let’s unpack the depiction…Breed is wearing a split thigh bustier tube dress the likes of which she has never worn in public, feet on her desk, one shoe off and twirling a red pump with her toes. She has a pile of cash in her hand and several more stacks at her desk, and in her other hand a “maybe a cigar, maybe a blunt” that she’s smoking.

Yo nothing was unpacked. The blogger just described the contents of the image, then added features to the image that didn’t exist. Insinuating an insinuation about drug use that Zhou never insinuated, the blogger claimed Breed’s caricature was holding “maybe a cigar, maybe a blunt,” a statement the likes of which Zhou never uttered, despite the scare quotes.

Look at the picture: it was just a cigar.

The depiction of Breed? It was a caricature, “the likes of which” people pay money for after strolling the boardwalk. It’s no more rude than naked Trump.

But Breed is black, so any depiction of her that isn’t a musclebound, airbrushed deity is offensive. Then again, over-exoticizing her would be equally problematic. Oh no!

Here’s a solution:

Like Mohammed, Mayor Breed must not be depicted.

Kidding aside, here’s the point: Trump can be slapped around in the public sphere, skewered and ridiculed, bloodied and bruised. A black person, however, must be given special protection because.. welp. The implication is hard to miss.

The left believes that black people are weaker than white people

At the core of intersectional politics is implicit white supremacy packaged as white guilt. It makes minorities “untouchable” in the worst sense while letting conniving individuals like Mayor Breed use her skin color to secure power.

San Francisco’s government is diverse and camera ready, while the city’s black population has been decimated under left-wing leadership.

Question of the Day:
Am I missing something? Tell us how the poster is racist. Give it your best shot.

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