You Were Never Really Here - Kamala Harris Drops Out

December 06, 2019

  • Kamala Harris drops out and her opponents claw away at her skin and genitals
  • The death of her campaign reveals it was substance-free, reliant on superficial physical features and race baiting
  • Question of the Day: Are Democratic voters racist for rejecting Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris For the People

Toward the end of the TV show The Office, the character Andy Bernard decides to quit the daily grind and strike out on his own as a singer/performer. Nobody thinks he can make it. Even Creed Bratton, the resident weirdo, describes Andy as a “charisma black hole.”

I can’t think of a better way to describe Kamala Harris: a charisma black hole.

Bereft of personality and with no record or platform to run on, the only organic attention she attracted was for race baiting. During the July Democratic debate, she called Joe Biden a racist because he opposed school busing. Good for him. School busing was a disastrous social engineering policy that hurt more than it helped. It was abandoned decades ago.

But like most racial attacks, Kamala’s had nothing to do with policy. Race baiting is used to segregate and consolidate power. Joe is the old white man, a slur that is acceptable in American discourse these days. But in order to seem serious, race baiters have to back up their slurs with “concrete examples”.

Often they fall back on disproven tropes, like the crack vs powder cocaine myth.

Kamala used Joe’s busing record and his gaff about working with segregationists. Yes, Joe’s statement was badly worded. But as a US Senator he was elected and paid to do a job. Dislike for coworkers is not an excuse to avoid getting work done.

Use Every Piece of the Kamala

Kamala dropped out of the race this week and her 5% in the polls is a hefty chunk of support that has to go somewhere. Let the feeding frenzy commence.

Fangs exposed, the snarls came most loudly from Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, and Cory Booker:

  • Warren stated that Harris was forced out for being a woman. Somehow that makes Warren a victim. So we must double down and support Warren. But not Klobuchar, the woman full of binders.

  • Castro tweeted that “we’re headed for a December debate without a single person of color”.

  • Booker stated “there’s more billionaires in the race than there are black people.”

I get it. These candidates are self-serving hacks.

But they’re harnessing the ideology of intersectionality. If intersectionality is truly the force that will create a greater, stronger, more equal society, why is it also so useful for cynical gamesmanship?

Question of the day:

Are Democratic voters racist for rejecting Kamala Harris?

Answer in the comment section below:

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