Articles tagged with "Intersectionality"

You Were Never Really Here - Kamala Harris Drops Out
December 06, 2019

Kamala Harris scored points for her sex and skin color, now the remaining 2020 Democratic Primary candidates beg voters to elect the biggest victim for president.

A Little Hate for Jonathan Haidt
December 01, 2019

In her 2018 book The Diversity Delusion, Heather Mac Donald makes a startling claim about what's really behind college students' "psychological vulnerability"

The Identity of the Actual Racist May Surprise You
November 25, 2019

Last month San Francisco's leadership attacked an Asian woman who dared oppose the coronation of Mayor London Breed.

The White Minstrels
November 24, 2019

This weird Netflix sitcom will get you "woke" to a virulent strain of discrimination and scorn toward straight white men.